Shining a Light on Golden Gaze

Golden Gaze is a high-end boudoir photography service based in the Pacific Northwest. They aim to make every session a luxurious and memorable experience.

As a start-up they had a lot on their plate and reached out to Lucere Design to help sift through, organize and prioritize all the new business chaos.

We met with the owner & founder, Kathy Buggs, to dig into the existing strategies, identify gaps and find where pieces may or may not be supporting the overarching goals of the business.

We spent time digging into target customers, business structure, growth goals, pricing, and brand attributes. Once we had a macro view of how all the pieces were interacting together, we dove in further on gaps and strategies that would not scale well as the brand grew.

In the process we discovered that there was no definitive brand identity yet so we were also able to help develop the design strategy and logo system for them as well.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Design Strategy
  • Identity Design


As a start-up they were facing several challenges such as:

  • Developing a brand
  • Pricing strategy
  • Prioritizing their growth tactics


After the initial strategy sessions, Golden Gaze was equipped with a:

  • Defined brand strategy
  • New pricing model
  • Refined packages
  • A plan for allocating resources

Strategy, Discovery & Research

Beginning with brand strategy, we explored the:

  • Business plan
  • Founder's long term goals
  • Target customers
  • Vision for the brand
  • Marketing goals

After getting a clear picture we used the information to compare against brand gaps in the regional marketplace.
With the information and research, a defined avenue made itself clear. Using this direction as guidance we began the process of translating the strategy into visual communication through design.

The next phase begins in design strategy. By aligning with the target customer and aiming for the brand gaps, we began pulling out images, colors, textures, typography and experience. By compiling these together into a style-scape we can get a picture of what this brand direction will look like from a 30,000 foot landscape view.

Brand stylescape: translating the strategy into visuals

Brand stylescape: translating the strategy into visuals

Through our design process we explored a rough logo, and identity system through sample brand imagery, simple mockups, and examples of physical spaces.

This step allowed us to build out low fidelity examples for review and to spark discussion.

A 1920s inspiration began to emerge as we compared the visual samples with the founder and laid them against what we projected would appeal to her ideal customer.

In the next phase we worked on building off of that design strategy to refine a logo and identity system.

Golden Gaze was in need of an identity that differentiated them within the local photography industry and also represented them as a deliverer of elegance, sophistication and a luxurious experience.

During the design strategy review we explored with the founder the significance of an Art Deco inspiration that heavily influenced the final design.


Using the logo's strong geometric shapes we explored the use of patterns to compliment and reinforce the identity.

Through the design process we explored and refined the degree of historical inspiration and modernization to arrive at the appropriate combination.

Your luxurious day, immortalized.

A glass of champagne, makeup and hair provided as well as a personal shopping experience were just some of the ideas that were discussed.

After outlining the vision and defining the goals of the business, we built a prioritized plan of implementation in short, medium and long term phases.

"My time with Rachel, from Lucere Design, was helpful and productive. She asked thought-provoking questions that clarified the vision for Golden Gaze. While figuring out the ideal client and reconstructing the pricing model, each step was met with dedication and direction.

Whenever there was hesitation on my end, she was able to gracefully maneuver through the barriers to elicit a change of perspective. With her guidance, I left the strategy session with a better sense of where Golden Gaze would be heading."

Kathy Buggs

Founder & Owner, Golden Gaze

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