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What We Do

We deconstruct the clutter and rebuild your brand with brilliant clarity through effective and thorough strategy.

Your brand has to translate across numerous customer touch points like social media, website, products, storefront or office, on the phone, through your employees and it has to do it consistently.

We help you build the foundation that will help you translate why you do what you do across both the digital and physical landscapes.

Brand Strategy

We build strong foundations for your business that will stand the test of time and growth.

By specializing in brand strategy we aim to help you make sure that your business has been intentionally positioned in your industry in a way that allows your brand to support and strengthen your business.


Brand Identity

"A logo is not communication, a logo is identification. Your logo is the period at the end of the sentence, not the sentence itself."
-- Sagi Haviv

We do more than design logos, we build brands that inspire. Branding is about building a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with customers and nurtures lasting relationships.


Brand Experience

Whether you need a welcoming office space, a unique retail experience or your own magical kingdom, we can help you bring your brand to life.

"If you can put your advertising budget into giving people experiences, they will do your advertising for you."
-- Johnny "Cupcakes" Earle


Brand Consulting

We have worked with local businesses and national companies to better leverage their brands.

Your brand has multiple touch points across the web, social media, physical spaces and people. We can help you optimize and clarify your message across the board.

"We came to Lucere Design looking for a logo, but we came away with so much more. In helping us define our brand, Rachel encouraged us to dig deep and investigate who we are, what makes us unique, and why we do what we do. At the end of our work with her, we had a great logo, a comprehensive brand document, and an intimate understanding of our business, our story, our motivations, and our goals. As crazy as it might sound, we came away with a better understanding of ourselves, big picture. As business people—really, as people—we would heartily recommend working with Lucere Design."
Jill Lubow & Nick Taylor

Co-Founders of Grit City Creative LLC
Tacoma, WA

"Working through Lucere's branding process was an incredible experience. Rachel was able to pinpoint items quickly that I had not seen previously.
After going through her process I had more clarity on where I was
headed with my brand."
Emily Verdonk

Speaker & Owner of Morris Verdonk Accounting
Tacoma, WA

"Rachel is a true professional and an experienced expert! Having seen her constantly striving for excellence in all that she does, I had no problem hiring her to conduct strategy for my client’s re-branding. The approach she used to learn about and gain understanding of his business was clear and concise. She didn’t waste his time. The thing he appreciated the most was in the difference that she spoke with him, not at him."
Brian Harper

Owner of Keystone Interactive
Lemoyne, PA

"Lucere is an awesome company. When Rachel takes on a new project or client, she commits fully, uncovers hidden opportunities, unleashes her genius and makes products and brands shine. We've worked with her on several projects and recommend her and her work heartily."
Page Vandiver

Owner of Simply Heaven Marketing
Round Rock, TX

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