Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity.

Marty Neumeier

Who We Are

We are a purposefully small studio that specializes in helping women-led businesses and female entrepreneurs feel empowered by their brand.

Thinking of ourselves as expert listeners first, strategists, writers and designers thereafter. By embracing a proven process, we tackle creativity methodically and transparently, meaning you won't ever get left in the dark.

Based in the Pacific Northwest serving businesses around the globe.

Core values


We believe in people

Core values


Never stop learning, ever

Core values


Kindness is not an act, it's an active practice

Core values


Life is an adventure meant to be enjoyed

Core values


Gratefulness is a lifestyle

Core values


Be courageous

Core values


Embracing growth means embracing change

Core values


Challenges are exciting

Core values


Obstacles are opportunities to be creative

Core values


A legacy is non-negotiable, you decide whether it's a good one

Rachel Nichols

Founder & Brand Strategist

Rachel launched Lucere Design, a studio specializing in brand strategy, fueled by the passion to eliminate ineffective and short-sighted brand building.

She spends her time helping business owners and entrepreneurs build clarity in their business and how to position and leverage their brand in a fast moving marketplace.

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Hi, I'm Rachel,

I am stubborn, passionate, empathetic, rebellious and easy-going.

I was born in rural Montana, met my husband in Northern California and shortly after had our two children. Not long after our youngest was born, we felt like we finally found our ideal home in Tacoma, Washington. After the longest 6 weeks of my life thus far, we embarked on a wild adventure to get settled in our new home state.

Over those first couple of decades my life was defined only by my ability to walk while reading, an inability to stay with a job longer than two years, and a motley collection of interests. Film making, script writing, dancing, painting, horse training, set design, special fx makeup, hair dyeing and music just to name a few.

The path towards entrepreneurship seems quite obvious in retrospect!

In my previous career, I worked in marketing. Over time, that insatiable desire to learn meant that I dabbled in many roles over time. Eventually I stumbled upon a glaring hole in the marketing strategies we were working with, brand.

What was our client's brand? Why should anyone care, really? What actually makes them stand apart from their competition?

None of these questions could be answered by receiving a brand style guide let alone a logo file. This was about something else, and we'd be marketing in the dark until we figured out what was missing.

I embarked on a personal mission to figure out how to bridge that gap. When I discovered the depth that was waiting to be explored, the seedling that has become Lucere Design sprouted.

Brand strategy fills the gap, and everything from your marketing tactics to your design (hello, logo and brand style guide) actually have an engine to drive them straight to your customer's hearts!

Got Dots? We Love to Connect Those

Rachel offers hourly coaching for qualified candidates.
If you're struggling with:

  • Assertive leadership & communication
  • Time management as a working parent
  • Building your professional network
  • Personal brand management

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Our Process

Strategy Facilitation

This indispensable step is where the bulk of the insights will be unearthed. We will spend 8-12 hours over two days with your key decision makers. This is where we get to know your business, your brand and where the strategy needs to take your business over time.


Design Strategy

We translate the insights from the strategy sessions into 30,000 foot view brand stylescapes to explore visual concepts that will support your goals and connect with your ideal customers.


Brand Messaging

Now we're ready to develop the foundation of your copy writing. Whether it's a tag line on your packaging or consistent content on your social media, this step is key to maintaining a consistent brand voice.


Brand Identity

Building off of the 30,000 foot design strategy and the copy writing foundation of the brand messaging is the visual representation of your brand's identity.
You already have an existing logo? Wonderful, this is where the complimentary elements will be standardized as well so you're logo is no longer carrying all of the weight.



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