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Strategies for
Female-Led Sustainability
Focused Brands

Stop Chasing Marketing
Trends In the Dark

Brand strategy turns on the light.

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Branding That Goes Beyond a Logo

Identity design that grows with your business.

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Invite Your Customers Into a Story

Create unforgettable experiences.

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We are a Brand Strategy
Design Consultancy

We help businesses clarify their identity and delight their customers.

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Brands Crafted Through Strategy, Built to Last

We take the time to truly understand what makes your business stand out from the competition.
Some factors we consider:

  • Business goals
  • Ideal target market
  • Current marketing strategy
  • Internal culture
  • Customer experience

We tailor your brand to cut through the noise and cultivate a tribe of loyal customers.

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"We came to Lucere Design looking for a logo, but we came away with so much more. In helping us define our brand, Rachel encouraged us to dig deep and investigate who we are, what makes us unique, and why we do what we do. At the end of our work with her, we had a great logo, a comprehensive brand document, and an intimate understanding of our business, our story, our motivations, and our goals. As crazy as it might sound, we came away with a better understanding of ourselves, big picture. As business people—really, as people—we would heartily recommend working with Lucere Design."
Jill Lubow & Nick Taylor

Co-Founders of Grit City Creative LLC
Tacoma, WA

"Working through Lucere's branding process was an incredible experience. Rachel was able to pinpoint items quickly that I had not seen previously.
After going through her process I had more clarity on where I was headed with my brand."
Emily Verdonk

Speaker & Owner of Morris Verdonk Accounting
Tacoma, WA

"Rachel is a true professional and an experienced expert! Having seen her constantly striving for excellence in all that she does, I had no problem hiring her to conduct strategy for my client’s re-branding. The approach she used to learn about and gain understanding of his business was clear and concise. She didn’t waste his time. The thing he appreciated the most was in the difference that she spoke with him, not at him."
Brian Harper

Owner of Keystone Interactive
Lemoyne, PA

"Lucere is an awesome company. When Rachel takes on a new project or client, she commits fully, uncovers hidden opportunities, unleashes her genius and makes products and brands shine. We've worked with her on several projects and recommend her and her work heartily."
Page Vandiver

Owner of Simply Heaven Marketing
Round Rock, TX

We Believe in the Ones Who Dare
to be Outspoken

We're inspired by the courageous, the innovators and the ones who take charge of their own destiny. We believe in you.

Rachel Nichols

Founder & Brand Strategist

Rachel Nichols is an artist, a horse trainer, a short film director and a screenwriter. Her short films have won awards and she ran a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Her journey through restaurant management, marketing, design, branding, copy writing and content creation built a set of skills that allows her to uniquely serve her clients.

Rachel launched Lucere Design, a studio specializing in brand strategy, fueled by the passion to eliminate ineffective and short-sighted brand building.

She spends her time helping business owners and entrepreneurs build clarity in their business and how to position and leverage their brand in a fast moving marketplace.

“Courage is not the absence of fear,
but rather the assessment that something
else is more important than fear.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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